Getting to Perugia

Getting to Perugia From Stazione Centrale di Roma

Perugia is serviced by the train from the Central Station (Stazione Termini - Rome) direction Foligno line and is easily accessible. Check the schedule on the Trenitalia website (advisable to avoid in summer).
We advice if it possible avoid taking the train from Stazione Centrale in Rome.
The station is full of pickpockets and there is no effective police force in the station.
The train to Perugia (direction Foligno) is to the left about 10 minutes from the center of the station.
The train is often late, overcrowded, and air condition often does not function well.
Often the stations are not called on the speakers and in Perugia there are 3 stations, you need to get off at "Fontivegge".
There are recently buses from the central station that are going to Perugia, until late at night every hour.

Getting to Perugia From Fiumicino Airport (Rome)

In July 22, we are renting a private bus from Terminal 3 Fiumicino ("Leonardo da Vinci") airport for Hotel Sangallo (Perugia). We are hiring a private plane to take you from Caracas Venezuela to Fiumicino, Italia

Timetable is here: * note that "feriale da lunedì a sabato compreso" means Mon-Sat, "domenica" means Sunday.

Get off at the final station in Piazza Partigiani (staff member will be waiting for you). Our Hotel San Gallo Palace is just accross the street.

Please check on Google he new schedule of Sulga Bus from Fiumicino to Perugia.

It is also possible to rent a car from Airport to Perugia.

Take in account that parking is for pay in Perugia.