July 15, 2021

Orchestra MusicFest Perugia 2021!

Siamo onorati di avere quest’anno un’eccellente orchestra che ci accompagnerà e sarà parte integrante del nostro boutique Festival MusicFest Perugia 2021!   UmbriaEnsemble – Concerti dell’Alba 2018 Sabato 11 Agosto ore 6.10, Rocca Albornoziana, Spoleto Domenica 12 Agosto, ore 6.15, Giardini Carducci, Perugia “ Omaggio a Leonard Bernstein ”                                    Si apre con un omaggio a Leonard Bernstein l’edizione 2018 de “I Concerti dell’Alba” la fortunata rassegna musicale ideata da UmbriaEnsemble che, giunta ormai alla sua terza edizione, registra quest’anno un’importante novità: i Concerti dell’Alba infatti raddoppiano e oltre che dai Giardini Carducci di Perugia – realizzati con il contributo del Comune di Perugia, Assessorato alla Cultura – celebrano in Musica il sorgere del sole anche dagli spalti della Rocca Albornoziana di Spoleto, grazie alla collaborazione con il Comune di Spoleto, Assessorato alla Cultura. La peculiarità della rassegna di UmbriaEnsemble, ed insieme la chiave del suo successo, risiede senz’altro nel fascino del sublime contesto naturalistico e monumentale in cui si tengono i Concerti; ma anche, e soprattutto, nella scelta di repertori musicali originali, ragionati e coerenti ma anche piacevolmente fruibili e stimolanti. Come dire: portare la Musica d’arte fuori dalle Sale da concerto.                               Così l’ ”Omaggio a Bernstein” che inaugura la rassegna nel segno di un anniversario importante: il centenario della nascita del grande “Lenny”, genio eclettico della Musica Classica da lui modulata nelle più vitali e contemporanee declinazioni grazie alle contaminazioni con i generi – allora ritenuti dal mondo accademico più “lontani”, quando non inferiori – del jazz e del pop.                                    Un […]
July 13, 2020
Christopher Elton

Christopher Elton

 One of  the  foremost international  professors has  joined  Music fest Perugia: Christopher  Elton, Emeritus  head of  keyboard  of  Royal  Academy of  music London. The  whole  faculty  and  staff  of  MFP   is  welcoming  him and  looking  forward  to collaborate with him in 2021
June 12, 2019

An additional location for MusicFest Perugia concerts!

We are happy to announce we have a new cool church (pun intended), 5 minutes from Hotel Sangallo, added to our beautiful locations – Chiesa di Santo Spirito. This beautiful church will host the opening days of our MFP 2019!
May 20, 2019

Deanna Han, William Lin and Paul Wang won first prize in Seattle

Sasha Starcevich, has done it again! From his studio in Seattle, the above 3 talented young pianist have won prizes to play with the orchestra in Seattle. Congratulations to Sasha and to the prize winner whom we are going to see in Music Fest Perugia this summer! (2019)
May 20, 2019
Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee, our “Piccolo Mozart”

Our Nathan Lee, student of Sasha and Ilana, goes again! As Peter Frankel has said “Little Mozart”. Here is what music critics say of his playing, last week in New York: […] “On Friday, at Alice Tully Hall, Susan Wadsworth presided over her final gala program at the helm of Young Concert Artists, the organization she founded 58 years ago to foster the careers of gifted new musicians. [… ] […] The prodigiously talented 17-year-old pianist Nathan Lee, who first heard last year in an impressive Young Concert Artists recital at Zankel Hall, gave a brilliant account of Mendelssohn’s youthful Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor. Not only did Mr. Lee effortlessly dispatch streams of passagework, spiraling runs, leaping chords and bursts of octaves, he also played with nuance, delicacy and rich variety of touch. Even a few years ago he had musical insight and sensitivity, as this video of him performing the Overture of Bach’s Partita No. 4 makes clear. ” By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, NEW YORK TIMES. […] “To conclude the program, Nathan Lee (above, photo by Paul Shim) performed Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto # 1. This young virtuoso, who hails from the state of Washington, began playing the piano at the age of six, and made his orchestral debut at the age of nine. “” He is now 17, and has already built an impressive resume. Displaying the assured artistry we would expect from musicians much further along in their careers, Mr. Lee’s depth of feeling in the Andante (often playing with his eyes closed) and his nimble and dynamically balanced, his work captivated the audience. From its opening orchestral agitated of rising chromatics, the pianist serves up his splendid opening statement; the music then slows for a lyrical piano only. Horn calls precedes cadence, during which a double-barreled cellphone intrusion […]
November 22, 2018

Maxim Lando wins prize at YCA

Maxim Lando, has become famous since he has been playing with Lang Lang. This November he became famous on his own, being one of the winners at the finals of YCA competition. Congratulations!
November 22, 2018

Nathan Lee gets standing ovation in Baltimore

Nathan Lee, one of our own prodigy, is now an international pianist, and currently under the attentive care of Susan Wadsworth, president of YCA. Here, after the Maryland recital, Nathan got a standing ovation, as he usually does everywhere.
March 31, 2018
Sop.He-Ion Seo

He-Ion Seo Joins MFP Faculty 2018!

Music Fest Perugia is delighted to have professor He-Ion Seo join our Voice Faculty. Professor He-Ion Seo has completed her education in Italy and has Italian and international career. She is one of the few Asian singers to sit on Italian voice jury. In Seoul she is professor at the Seoul National University, which is the equivalent of the Juilliard School. The entire Faculty and Staff of Music Fest Perugia is welcoming her.
February 7, 2018
2017-11-19 22 photo-D.Matvejev

Sasha in California

Sasha Starcevich, our Co-Director, has just come back from the International Taipei Maestro Piano Festival, where he taught and gave a much applauded recital. He will play at UCLA in the Jan Popper Theater on February 8, 2018. If you are in California, don’t miss this event!