Dr. Peter Hermes, a graduate of the Sorbonne Medical School, is a neurology specialist who has been affiliated with leading medical centers and headache clinics in his native country, France, as well as in Italy, the US, and Israel. Along with his Italian colleagues, Dr. Anzola, Dr. Onorato and Dr. Santoro, he has focused on the relation between the PFO (the "hole in the heart") and migraines.

A world-wide traveler, the author has taken care of the sick and poor of India, the rich and famous of Park Venue, NY, the Bedouins of Vaadi Naaman in Israel and the migraine patients of Tel Aviv. He divides his time between his patients in Israel and Italy.

He founded Music Fest Perugia together with Ilana Vered in 2006 and he is presently managing the festival which has become the largest festival for young musicians in Italy.

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