Conducting Workshop


During the two weeks of each session at MusicFest, we are happy to offer you the chance of receiving conducting lessons from our faculty conductor, Gaddiel Dombrowner. The pilot during MFP 17 was a great success and we had two classes of about 10 students each who worked with Gaddiel. Each lesson was of around one and a half hour during the afternoons so that it collided as less as possible with your piano lessons and masterclasses.

You will learn in 3-4 meetings about the philosophy of conducting and why do we need a conductor. You will hear about holding a baton correctly and the basic beat patterns. We will practice the difference between the right and the left hand as well. Then we will talk about the orchestra, the instruments and the score – how to read it and what is important to know when being in front of a score for the first time.

After the basic is covered, we will work together on a symphony: Analyze it, the form, the harmony and translate it into our performance. And since we are all pianists, we will play for each other a 4 hand version of the work. You will understand how to conduct the music and bring out your own personality into the way you conduct. By the end of the session, you will know that symphony extremely well and will take this new experience back home with you.

The repertoire to be worked on:

Mozart Symphony No.40 in G minor, 1st

Grieg - Peer Gynt Suite No.1

Brahms - Hungarian Dance No.5