Youth Orchestra

MFP is proud to open a Youth Orchestra Program for orchestra players for the 2019 summer!

The MFP youth orchestra will take place in Perugia, Italy, between July 22nd (date of arrival) and August 18th (date of departure)
This program is designed for orchestral players between the age of 18-30, with some or extensive experience in orchestra playing,
and wish to spend 4 weeks to refine their knowledge in orchestral repertoire while being in Italy, in the marvelous area of Perugia and Umbria.

The students of the MFPYO will be coached by our conductors Gaddiel Dombrowner and Uri Segal during the 4 weeks of the festival.
Each week will consist of a different program of an overture, piano concerto (played by piano students of MFP) and symphony.
Each project will close with 2 concerts in the various halls of Perugia as Sala dei Notari, Teatro Pavone, Basilica San Pietro and others.
Each project will work from Monday to Saturday, while Sunday will be a day off to rest and to prepare for the next project.
The festival will send to the accepted students the parts via email before arriving to prepare, and there will be printed parts ready in Perugia

Here is a sample of daily activities:
7-10 : Breakfast
10-13 : morning rehearsal.
13-16 : Lunch, Break, Chamber music lessons.
16-19 : Optional sectionals during the first couple of days of each project.
Friday : Morning dress rehearsal and concert at 18.
Saturday : Morning off and concert at 18.
Sunday off.

The fee for each student during those 4 weeks is of 500 euros without accommodation or 1500 euros with accommodation, to be paid to the festival by May 1st.
Audition fee to the youth orchestra is of amount of 50 euros.
If accepted, the student will pay by May 1st the rest of the sum written above
The accommodation choice is in a hotel with double room in Perugia & breakfast. Subsidized dinner is available for students. (Lunch is on the students)

This is the number of available spots in the MFP Youth Orchestra:
STRINGS: 14 violinists, 4 violists, 4 cellists, and 2 bass players.
WOODWINDS: 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons.
BRASS: 4 Horns, 2 Trumpets, 3 Trombones 1 Tuba
PERCUSSION: 2 players.
Our conductors will decide of the accepted students and will send an email by April 1st.
The accepted students pay the rest of the fee by May 1st to secure his place.

SYMPHONIES : BRAHMS : Symphony No.2, DVORAK : Symphony No.8, SCHUMANN : Symphony No.4, TCHAIKOVSKY : Symphony No.2
PIANO CONCERTI : TBA (after the updating of the concerti list for 2019)
OVERTURES / ORCHESTRAL : BRAHMS - Tragic Overture, LALO - Overture to Le Roi d'Ys, VERDI - Overture to Nabucco, WEBER - Overture to Freischutz

Interested students should mention in their application of their wish to play with the piano students of MFP a work during those 4 weeks.
Please mention if so in your bio your experience in chamber music as well.
Each player accepted will play one work during one of the two sessions of MFP. So that the "work load" will not be on only a few players.
The works will be announced and told to the students enough ahead of time to prepare.
Each group will receive coaching by our international known faculty at MFP

The applications are open from October 15th until March 1st
To apply, please send us the following documents to our email:
1. A short bio mentioning at least age, nationality and studies.
2. Picture
3. Videos requested under "Video application".
4. Letter of recommendation from your instrument teacher. (Can be sent directly to us by him, or by you)
5. Receipt of your application payment.

To be accepted to the Youth Orchestra, each student is required to send videos to be viewed by our conductors:
1. A video of you presenting yourself in English. We would like to know you better! Please tell us a few things about you: Age, country, studies, hobbies etc...
This video shouldn't be more than 1-2 minutes.
2. A video of your playing :
a. An exposition of a concerto of your choice, from any period (either accompanied or not)
b. 2 orchestral excerpts of your choice, one slow and one fast.
The videos should not be edited and played through for each work. (i.e you can send 4 different videos, but each work has to be played without interruption)
The links to the videos should be to websites as YouTube, Vimeo etc...
The videos should be sent to our email: together with the rest of documents written above.

Electronic transfer has to be made by the sending bank to:
Dollar or Euro Account: 80015, VERED ILANA
IBAN: IT 58 V 01030 02843 000000043384
Via della Luna 11, PERUGIA - 06121 ITALY

For any inquiries, please write the musical director of MFPYO, Gaddiel Dombrowner at our email: