Conducting Workshop


Objective of the course

The course is designed for advanced conducting students and pianists who already have some experience in full score or orchestra transcript playing but are eager to improve their skills.


With the specific aim of focusing on piano and string concerti and learning the art of orchestral accompaniment.

Performing a concerto with orchestra is a demanding task, for both conductor and soloist. The conductor must be tuned to the interpretative needs of the soloist, while the soloist is expected to be able to follow the conductor at all times. Both are required to be acquainted with the intricate, unwritten rules of conductor-soloist interaction. The workshop is planned for both conductors and soloists. The orchestra will be played by the piano students, enabling them to acquire experience at following a conductor. The solo part will be played by the students intending to perform with orchestra during the festival. They will receive intensive instruction on the art of playing with an orchestra, mainly focusing on the give and take interaction with the conductor. Conductors participating in the workshop will receive training in the art of concerto accompaniment, covering a range of topics, including preparation of concerto scores, baton technique, personal interaction with a soloist, etc

Further, in the lessons participants will also have the chance to work on symphonic repertoire with maestri Uri Segal, Avner Itai, Alessandro Alonzi and Gaddiel Dombrowner.

Number of participants accepted: 4-6 conductors, 2-4 pianists

Lessons take place every other day shared according to the availability of the maestri, leaving the students with about 5-7 lessons during the time of the session.
These will be in masterclass style where the students can listen to the professors instructions for other participants.

Duration per student 45 min/each.
The lessons will be accompanied by two pianos at all times.

Practice with orchestra: each participant will get the chance to conduct one movement during a rehearsal and in an evening concert. Duration of rehearsal would be 15-20 min depending on the length of the movement.

Joint project for conductors and pianists: there is possibility to participate in the workshop in three different ways:

1. Conductor: the participants pay full tuition and get about 5-7 lessons/each during the session, as well as the chance to conduct a movement in rehearsal and in concert with the orchestra and soloist. The applicants are required to send a video recording of their conducting as audition tape.

2. Pianist: the participants pay a reduced tuition and play in conducting lessons. Participants as pianists are required to send a video recording as audition tape where they are required to play from full score or transcripts of orchestra pieces for two piano settings. The chosen repertoire will be sent to them about a month before the festival so that they can prepare for the workshop ahead. These participants also have the opportunity to perform a short solo piece in the festival’s Marathon Recital as well as free entrance to all piano master classes and 2 one-on-one lessons with members of the piano faculty. They will also have the chance to book further private lessons with piano faculty members.

3. Conductor/Pianist: For outstanding talents who can participate both as pianists and conductors the festival would offer a significant scholarship. The applicants are required to send video recording of their conducting and playing as well. Number of places for such participation are limited. 


During the two weeks of each session at MusicFest, we are happy to offer you the chance of receiving conducting lessons from our faculty conductor, Gaddiel Dombrowner. The pilot during MFP 17 was a great success and we had two classes of about 10 students each who worked with Gaddiel. Each lesson was of around one and a half hour during the afternoons so that it collided as less as possible with your piano lessons and masterclasses.

You will learn in 3-4 meetings about the philosophy of conducting and why do we need a conductor. You will hear about holding a baton correctly and the basic beat patterns. We will practice the difference between the right and the left hand as well. Then we will talk about the orchestra, the instruments and the score – how to read it and what is important to know when being in front of a score for the first time.

After the basic is covered, we will work together on a symphony: Analyze it, the form, the harmony and translate it into our performance. And since we are all pianists, we will play for each other a 4 hand version of the work. You will understand how to conduct the music and bring out your own personality into the way you conduct. By the end of the session, you will know that symphony extremely well and will take this new experience back home with you.

The symphony to be worked on: Mozart Symphony No.40 in G minor, 1st and 2nd mvt