Iris Goren

Iris Goren and the Singing Body

Born in Tel Aviv, studied both in The Jerusalem academy of Music & Dance (B.A degree) and in New York University (Masters degree). Goren has extensive professional experience as an artist and teacher of movement over four decades. Over the last twenty years she has specialised in body-work for singers, and has developed The Singing Body, a ground-breaking technique she uses in masterclasses and workshops around the world. Her highly successful book has been published in Hebrew and English.

Iris Goren defines herself as a movement artist; she sees movement as an endless resource on which to draw from. She developed her body-work technique while teaching at the Vocal Department of the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance, and she has delivered workshops for choirs, voice teachers and conductors throughout Israel. She has also trained opera singers in Israel, France, Australia, Germany and works with instrumentalists in Israel and in Holland.

Her private studio serves as an incubator for the vocalists, dancers, actors, instrumentalists and plastic artists with whom she works, striving to find that unique physical language to meet the challenges encountered by each group and individual. Iris has proven teaching abilities; she is an astute observer and highly sensitive to the needs of the body. She effectively diagnoses impediments to singing, and brings a profound understanding of students’ physical and emotional needs to her classes.

Since the voice cannot be separated from the body of the vocalist, body-work is needed to enhance singing and performance. Iris’s precise ‘toolkit’ of principles and exercises expands the repertoire of movement, enhancing the body’s sense of security and freedom of expression while singing on stage. Thus, she addresses difficulties the vocalist may encounter within a specific piece, such as singing legato, coloratura or reaching high notes.

As a dancer with a rich musical background and extensive teaching experience—and degrees from Jerusalem and New York—Iris draws on a wide range of body-work techniques including Feldenkrais, Alexander, Eric Hawkins, Ideokinesiology, Rolfing, contact improvisation, and Eshkol-Wachmann Movement Notation. However, the specific technique she has developed, described in her book The Singing Body – A Vocalist’s Companion, is based on her extensive professional experience and the results she has achieved with her students.